This section will look at those companies who have either given more than you would expect, or have given substandard service.
seem to accept substandard service in this country and almost take it for granted if someone goes out of their way to be a complete pain.
This section will look a the Saints & Sinners I've come across.


have to be top of the list. FTO specialists since I got Scott interested in the FTO in 1998 I trust them implicitly with my car. Any work carried out is done so with the utmost attention to detail and their mechanical knowledge is second to none.

Fosters Car Audio
I've used these guys for a long time. Based in Distington on the West coast of Cumbria, they offer an honest, friendly and knowledgable service. The speed they can do installs is incredible.
TIP; like other installers you must specify which bits 'behind the scenes' you want - example the quality of speaker cable or if you want the connections soldered & shrink-wrapped. They will make all the difference :)



I came across eXpansys when I was looking for a Pocket PC. They were very helpful and answered any questions I emailed them quickly and efficiently. This helped me decide to buy the i-mate K-JAM from them in November 2005.

However I also bought their £154.95 in-car installation service thinking it included a car kit (I'm sure that the description did not say it was only an installation service) . I mean, who would pay over £150 for someone simply to install a mobile kit?! (I'm in the wrong job!!)

However when I received the voucher for an installation service I held my hands up, admitted it was my mistake and asked them to take it back. They didn’t answer my emails at first and eventually told me they would not take it back (despite me offering to pay a restocking fee). I can’t remember at this point if the email tennis took me over the 7-day cool-off period associated with Distance Selling Rules so I’m stuck with it. I sold the service for a fraction of the price on eBay. I notice that now on the item listing on their website they now say in big red letters “Installation service only, does not include a car kit”.

I believe that they should have immediately offered to take it back, not solely through the Distance Selling Rules but it is a shame that I might now think their interest works only one way.

WHA (Warranty Holdings)
Such a bully that I made a whole page for them!

Wetherspoons staff
I was at the bar the other day in Wetherspoons. The server (Lucy) took my £20 note and checked it against the UV light, then held it up to the light, then tore it by 1cm along the metal strip in the middle. Sorry, but this to do this in front of the customer in a busy bar is disgusting. I got my own back, when she gave me a £10 note in change I held it up to the light right in front of her :)

Local computer shops
What I have in terms of local IT suppliers, either large branches or speciallist suppliers, are few and very far between.  My Netgear WPN802 Wireless Access point was faulty so I assumed I could get one locally.  I don't need a router, just a nice Access Point that works so it shouldn't be too hard.  I tried 5 local shops; 2 told me outright that they didn’t have any Access Points (only Wireless ADSL Routers), one gave me a blank look and one actually argued with me in the shop that I needed a Wireless Router (he didn't know that a Router and an Access Point are different things).  The last one, a relatively large and well known consultant, was even worse - he pointed to the RJ45 socket for the ADSL modem and said "Just plug your network into there, it should work".  Shame on you Mr. K!