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What is the UK FTO Owners Club all about?
UK FTO Owners Club was set up in 1998 by Jon Jones. He ran it single-handedly for about a year before it started to out-grow itself and so a committee of volunteers was formed to run the club (you can contact them by clicking in the table below).

We are completely independent of Mitsubishi UK and RalliArt / Co-Ord Sport and our primary aim is to help new owners and help with any issues that existing owners have with their cars. In the "dark days" of FTO imports (up until 1998) it was difficult to find spares and information for your car. Mitsubishi were not happy about the number of grey imports that were entering the country did their best to throw a spanner in the works by refusing to help and allegedly threatening dealers with withdrawal if they so much as serviced the FTO. This is ironic now because they are importing them into the UK through RalliArt / Co-Ord Sport in Dudley but because of this initial attitude they have lost out on a lot of potential service customers - something which we took advantage of. For more information on this click here.

If you are a member of the UK FTO Owners Club, there are benefits available such as a newsletter, approved spare part suppliers, merchandise, organised track days and rallies, white dial kits, a brand new owners manual, discounts on our products (merchandise, white dials etc...) - and many more special developments are in the pipeline. In fact as a result of the FTO coming into the UK, businesses have grown and people like Japco have been set up to provide spare parts (mainly body panels and mechanical parts) and Camskill Motorsport now produce tuning items (exhausts, wheels & tyres, suspension etc). and servicable items. Also you'll get full access to the Owners Club website.

... besides all that it helps you get more out of your FTO. For me, over half of being in the club is "people". A good example is that I've just spent half a weekend in Birmingham on business and met up with a couple of FTO owners (read friends) for a few drinks - I'd normally have been sitting in the hotel bar staring at the Green Chartreuse bottle. Without being in the club you wouldn't meet some ace people and have some great times. Everyone's friendly and you'll get much much more out of your FTO than you'd have thought.

How to join the UK FTO Owners Club

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