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Notice how much lower the FTO is to a standard mondeo!

Here are some cars that look similar to the FTO!

The overall shape of Ferrari's F550 reminds me of the FTO.

Aston Martin DB7Aston Martin DB7
The Aston Martin DB7's shape is practically the same, especially the front end.

Jaguar XK8Jaguar XK8
Again, the lines of the Jaguar XK8 are very close!

Bodykits are widely available. Here are a few of many options. Some are more ... subtle ... than others!

Hiro SpoilerHiro Spoiler
This is the HIRO spoiler set

Veilside spoilerVeilside spoiler
This is the VEILSIDE spoiler set


Red FTOYamato
Differences between kits can be quite large - the first pic is a Proshop kit, the second a Yamato.


Circuit car
In Japan, there are several racing FTO's winning races!



Vehicle shell

Thanks to Lee Harris at Project FTO for this picture above