A page dedicated to Lotus Notes

Compiled by Dave Wilson

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Jan 2004 - Cameron Hart emailed me with his Lotus Notes pet hates;


Questions & Answers:


Q. How do you tell if you've replied to an email in your inbox and then find those messages? Outlook has a little icon indicating if you replied, forwarded etc... and you could click to find all instances.

A. You don't.


Q. How do you get Notes to launch Internet Explorer (or another external browser) when clicking a link instead of using its own internal browser?
A. It’s in the “Edit current location” settings (of course) - simply go to “Edit Current” in the bottom right.


Q. How do I create a folder under my "Mail" pane (along with Inbox, Trash etc...)?

A. From your Inbox click the Folder button on tool bar and then Create Folder


Q. In Outlook there was a "Notes" facility which you could scribble stuff on little yellow post-it style things which is VERY useful while on the phone etc. Where is it in Lotus Notes?
A. The closest you'll get is the "To Do" list.