September 1998,
Hatton Country Park

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The rally was attended by 47 FTO's and was at the time the largest collection of FTO's ever, even surpassing meetings in Japan! Quite a number of different examples was gathered, 3 with sunroofs, about a 60/40 split of GR's and GPX's, some with aftermarket parts and some without. The "most common car award" goes to the Silver Automatic GR, while there was only ONE Yellow FTO there!!

The Batmobile
Some of us travelled in a convoy from the north on the M6

Service station

Service Station

Have you ever seen a motorway service station looking THIS good?



This is what you can do with a Hiro spoiler. I like to dub Chris's GPX "The Batmobile". Love it. Take particular note of the official Mitsubishi "grass cutter" add on. Actually, I've seen smaller in Carmageddon!


White FTO's were few and far between. This white FTO (above) was one of two that have been 'de-spoilered' and it belongs to Steve P where as the other (not shown) is black and belongs to Phil S.



Daves engine bayDaves engine bay

Thanks to Lee for these two photos of my engine bay.

What a nice shiny FTO!!!!

Look at the shine! I spent 4 hours polishing it with AutoGlym product(s) :)

Pub car park

Top Gear style shot

This is my girlfriend driving me up the M6. Or is it round the bend?

And finally, this is the man who made it all possible. Thanks Jon.

Jon Jones

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