'Mini' FTO Rally,
Manchester speed trials, October 1999

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This very small rally (3 FTO's and a Galant) was set up to test the GTech-Pro meters bought by some FTO owners.

Parked up in a lay-by in a Mancunian industrial estate we decided that we'd try every combination of FTO, driver and GTech meter to give us a fair reading. It was found that Steve P's meter read 150ms slower than Phil's on a 0-60 - but this was constant so we knew we'd get reasonable results.

Two FTO's in a layby - obviously!!
Steve Pond's bare-arsed FTO

The results were that all the FTO's, regardless of engine or transmission, reached 60mph within a few hundredths of each other - the fastest, a manual GPX recorded around 6.83. The auto GR got 6.9 and Galant got 8.90.

I found that driving the automatic FR was just so much different to the manual GPX - it felt REALLY smooth and comfortable where the manual GPX was far more responsive, but tricky to drive.

In between all the excitement we went for a bite to eat and Phil took us through some great industrial estate roads and past Manchester United's ground.

You can download two MPeG movies of the day ...

Download Dave's (1Mb)
Download Steve's smooth lines (0.6Mb)

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