FTO Rally, March 1999
Mallory Park Mallory

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This first "unofficial" rally was organised by a few keen owners. A decent turn out and a beautiful day gave us an opportunity to chat and display our cars on the car park outside a British motor racing circuit and later we drove and had a mobile convoy.

The grass car park outside the gate served as the backdrop to the lineup.

Another Lineup

General lineup

The one without the spoiler is Phil S's
Notice the spoilerless GR belonging to Phil Stevens

Dave's and Phil's

Black and white
Ebony and Ivory.... another spoilerless GR of Steve Pond's

Service Station

Service station

Service Station 3
We turned a few heads when we pulled into eat at a Little Chef. The bloke in the 5-seiries beemer just out of shot was trying his hardest to look unimpressed!

Service station 4
Shown from left to right are Steve, Phil, Mark and Tony. Just take a good look at these sad people. What is Steve doing with his hand?

He's BEHIND you!!!
A familiar sight ... Phil and Mark in my rear-view mirror :) So that's what it looks like when you have one of those pram handles!

General shot of the motorway
Any normal, everyday drab motorway scene is brighthened simply by the presence of the FTO.

Phil S

No spoiler!
And here is that motorway "frightener", the 'bare arsed beast' that Phil drives. Even the 5000/th of a second exposure time in the lower of the two shots above was not enough to stop the speed blur as Phil passed Mach 3.2.

How fast is this?
This picture was snapped on the err... test track at Mallory. Apologies for the shake as the car was maxe'd out. You can just make out where the needle is on the speedo.... Err... I'll get me coat.

A pic of my wheel at the rally. I had them all stripped down and re-coated with a "Sparkle" finish. Looks nice eh! (sorry about the exposure of the pic!)

Finally, this is what my passion is all about. My gourgeous FTO GPX. Long may she reign.

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