'Mini' FTO Rally, 15 June 1999

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Originally, myself and Chris GP arranged to meet up for a curry one evening in the week as I was on a course and it would save me from guaranteed "hotel restaurant boredom syndrome". It grew from just the two of us to 6 people and 4 cars.

We met up in the car park of a multi-screen cinema just off J27 on the M62.

Davids hi-tech gadget-ridden GPX Richard in his automatic GPX
"No, I don Chris and Dave B's cars
Clockwise from top left
David's gadget-laden GPX; Richard's automatic GPX;
Chris GP's 'Knight Industries 2000' variant and Chris's GPX with Dave B's FTO behind.

Hong Kong Fooey

The 'number one super guy' clinging to the bootlid of David's FTO

Then, the chase was on around Leeds!

Being chased through the cityStill on our tail!
It's a good job Chris knew where he was going!

Entering the city of Leeds
Pedal to the metal action had us nearly loose a car at one point!
Chasing Chris round a roundabout

Hurry up Chris! I'm starvin'!

Wild animals
Here we see the beasts in their natural habitat. Hidden by the grass they prepare to pounce.

The guilty party

Here we are after our meal (I must teach that poor lad to take a photo).
From the left we have Dave B, Richard B, David, myself, Fiona and Chris GP.

A really good evening was had by all, and we were looking forward to the Donnington Rally!

erm... some wheels!

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