FTO Rally, June 1999
Donnington Park

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This "unofficial" rally saw a decent turn out brighten a drab day. We visited the great Donnington Motor Museum, had a bite to eat, celebrated Fiona's birthday with an "FTO cake" and then proceeded to thrash our cars to pieces in order to squeeze that tenth of a second out of some wet tarmac.

These photos were taken from a Canon XL1 digital camcorder. I also have video footage of the 0-60's.

Famous Donnington landmark

The Dunlop Bridge on the circuit is one of the most famous landmarks of the great British circuits.

The first to arriveMore FTO's
More FTO'sSo THAT'S where the engine is!

The usual tyre-kicking sessions saw people braving the drizzle. In the last picture we see Andy turning round with "THAT'S where the engine is then!".

Where has it gone?
Steve Pond
has a ransom out for the whereabouts of his spoiler. Should you have any information please contact your local police station or Steve direct.

The 0-60's!

The view
This is the view from Phil Stevens car, poised ready for his post-9 second run.

An early GP version R
Andy McNaughton-Jones' early GPversionR before be burned his clutch out.

Thats the way to do it!Decent time in the wet
[left] Richard explaining to Phil how to use the G-Tech Pro 0-60 timer, and [right] a time that Phil somehow managed to blag.

Steam Catapult in action The steam catapult threw Chris' FTO on a blistering 0-60 charge as you can see from the exhaust gasses.
Unfortunately when it came to decelerating he missed the braking point and almost ended up back at the museum. Deceleration from lightspeed

That's about it really! We're all looking forward to the next rally.

Nice and clean

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