Dave Wilson

Pictures only so far (writeup to come later)

FTO_1 FTO_2 FTO_3 FTO_being_washed
FTO_1.jpg FTO_2.jpg FTO_3.jpg FTO_being_washed.jpg
FTO_second_session_1 FTO_second_session_2 FTO_second_session_3 FTO_second_session_4
FTO_second_session_1.jpg FTO_second_session_2.jpg FTO_second_session_3.jpg FTO_second_session_4.jpg
FTO_second_session_5 FTO_waiting_for_track Hotel view evening 1 Hotel view evening 2
FTO_second_session_5.jpg FTO_waiting_for_track.jpg Hotel view evening 1.jpg Hotel view evening 2.jpg
Hotel view morning MLR session Red flag Smart ka
Hotel view morning.jpg MLR session.jpg Red flag.jpg Smart ka.jpg
blowdog_car bot1 bot2 bot3
blowdog_car.jpg bot1.jpg bot2.jpg bot3.jpg
bot4 bot5 funky_spoiler imitation_evo_spoiler
bot4.jpg bot5.jpg funky_spoiler.jpg imitation_evo_spoiler.jpg
lineup max_supra1 max_supra2 max_supra3
lineup.jpg max_supra1.jpg max_supra2.jpg max_supra3.jpg
modded_makinen session_stopped    
modded_makinen.jpg session_stopped.jpg


See While's World and Richard Batty's website for more pics etc