26-29 May 2000
The "Who's yer Daddy" Scotland Tour

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The cries for a rally north of the border had been heard for some time. Ironically we did not get one Scottish owner attending the rally!

After initially meeting up with Chris on Friday and then getting settled into our accommodation, Clare and I met up with Steve and Dawn outside The Cherrybank pub on Glasgow road in Perth - it was not long before the others arrived. We set off for a quick "you take the high road" style drive and a meal at the Amulree Hotel before having a couple of beers in a local. The drive was... interesting. Some fast and furious overtaking resulted in winding up a Volvo driver who stopped to give us a piece of his mind - not that he wasn't blocking the bloody road mind you!

Chris Hayes and Karen Bradley (hosts)
Dave Wilson (me) and Clare
Steve Hemming and Dawn Woodward (our merchandise 'looker-afterer' and club secretary)
Richard "white dials" Batty and Annette

Joe Patane and William
Iain Johnston
Steve Jobson

Saturday, The longest FTO Rally so far...
The next day the rally started proper - Joe and William joined us and we set off on the 267 mile trip which would take us through Gleneagles, Loch Earn, Glencoe and Oban. Then a little way south past some spooky castles and back along Loch Lomond, Crianlarich and Lock Tay.

Parked at traffic lights on A82


Some of the way was slow going. This tailback was a couple of miles long, caused by some temporary traffic lights. Still, at least there were things to look at!
Richard snapped the above shot while I got this one almost at the same time. Talk about sad :)
A little while later we stopped at this restaurant at Glencoe, one of the famous skiing resorts in the Highlands. Yorkshire Pudding and Chilli was the favourite - no Haggis though!
Pub at Glencoe
On the way out I snapped this picture which put me a couple of minutes behind everyone else which took some catching up!
We stopped half way up a hill to let everyone catch up. Thankfully we left before a Scottish Piper took up his Bagpipes and proceeded to strangle a cat...
Just Overtaken
Fortunately, most of the way was fast and furious with plenty of overtaking opportunities. Here, I've just got past that white car behind me, shot from Richard Batty's point of view
We pulled into a layby beside a loch and loads of bikers followed us!
The amazed looks on the faces of people who drove past tickled us all!
Lots of great photo opportunities...
...and Clare took a picture of a duck.
Chris and I had pulled away from the pack by about 4 minutes so we stopped overlooking a valley. When everyone else caught up they didn't see us so a chase was on.

That night was spend in a curry house in Perth and then some local pubs. Now, Perth is a nice place,they even seem to have a gay pub - the conversation was like this:

The obligatory kebab house on the close of the night was visited. Two locals were in already and when I ordered food they heard my English accent and muttered something about England "being rubbish". I didn't hear what they said and asked them to repeat. Again I wasn't sure what they said and assuming they were talking about football I just said that I didn't support football and walked out. I wonder if that is what they meant...?

Sunday morning, Crail Thrash - the airfield...
Overlooking castle

We met up early with Steve Jobson and Iain Johnston in Perth who came with us to the airfield.

It was a good job we set off early because later in the day there were thousands of cars there! Here, we've stopped overlooking a derelict castle (just obscured by Chris' car). The roads were narrow and twisty with sparse traffic on them - just how I like it :)

Crail Airfield - formerley HMS Jackdaw - once a very busy WWII airfield on the east coast of Scotland now lays a silent, erie shell of its former self. Most buildings, although still standing are crumbling with empty window frames, rusting metal work and peeling paint. Driving slowly around the airfield apron I could almost hear those Merlin engines firing up - very spooky.
Crail hanger

The owners club!

As usual, we got quite a lot of attention. Most people saying
"Look at those FTO's! And that Supra on the end!" (sorry Chris!).

From left to right: Joe Patane, William, Dave Wilson, Steve Jobson, Richard Batty, Annette, Clare, Dawn Woodward, Chris Hayes. Missing is Steve Hemming who took the picture.
The banner was laid infront of the cars - plenty of people stopping to read it and one asking a question about insurance.
Talking to people
Small front number plate!! Note Steve's small number plate. It made the entire front end look smoother and cleaner - pity the police would not agree!


The drag strip...
Ready, set, GO! Richard on the left...
Steve on the right...
Engines revving...
Red... Amber...... GREEN!...
Steve pulls ahead (5-speed manual) - Richard reports a flat spot in 2nd gear (5-speed tip).
The left lane has it
Another run saw Richard have a great start but that flat spot in second didn't help further down the strip.

There were many other very quick cars there, a mention goes to that very quick GTiR that sounded SO good, the yellow turbocharged MX5 and the lunatics on the bikes that were getting 10 second quarter-miles! Unfortunately we didn't see the 1000bhp Skyline running, but we did have a good look round it!

After we left the airfield we dropped in on St.Andrew's for the tourist bit and then said goodbye to Iain and SteveJ.


Sunday afternoon, and a police station!
In front of the police station
We were driving along more or less in convoy when Chris did a U-Turn and pulled into a police station!
I was wondering what was going on when he said that it was an ideal photo opportunity!
Group shot
On the end So, here we are parked in a police station with police peering at us through closed windows.
Actually it did make a great backdrop and we managed to get some great photos!
The rear ends!



The Sunday evening...
Richard puts a brave face on being beaten

A nice leisurely meal on Sunday evening with a game of pool afterwards. Later on we said goodbye to Joe and William - they got an early night in for their journey back to Croydon.

This is me beating Richard at pool :)
Me knocking the yellow into the corner pocket

My personal overall impression of Scotland
Very picturesque with some stunning scenery - very similar to where I live in Cumbria (one part looked like a scene that would not be out of place on another planet) and superb roads (when they weren't full of Volvos).
Some of my best friends are Scotts. However the approach to us 'foreigners' by some of the locals was a little ... threatening (we possibly visited the wrong pubs?) - the multitude of police doing constant laps of the town centre closely followed by an ambulance said it all.

Thanks to Chris and Karen for doing such a sterling job of the rally. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all, and perhaps we'll see some Scotts at the next one!

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Thanks to Steve Hemming for allowing me to use a lot of his quality photos on this page. Also thanks to Richard Batty for the same. I can recommend a visit to their excellent websites - click above to go there. I really must get myself one of those very smart Nikon digital cameras!

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