Santa Pod 3 8 April 2001

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The story is that we all took a day off work and happened to have a video camera ... download these movies!

I set off nice and early intending to stay overnight. I met up with Stu Mutch near Knutsford and he took me over the Derbyshire back roads. Two manul GPX's snaking through the countryside, pedal to the metal, like people possessed. Great driving.

Anyway, on to Santa Pod!

Some VERY nice machines were present, here a guy adjusts the electronic control on a motorbike. These things were doing sub-10 second quarter miles!

Nice metal!

This is what it was all about - FTO's on the famous quarter mile!

Stewart Mutch (Black) and Martin While (Red)

Another reason for going was to try to beat the Honda boys. They did well!

This American muscle car was roaring up and down the strip all day

This thing was awesome... actually lifted the front wheels off the deck!

Nuff' respect to the girlfriends and wives, they sat through the event when the boys played with their toys!

MUCH respect to this lady - VERY impressive! You should have seen her go - blink and you'd miss it!

Results (taken from Richard Batty's site)
Manual Auto
John Harle 15.264 GR
Stu Mutch 15.337 GPX
Dave Wilson 15.436 GPX
Martin While 15.464 GPX
Ian Mould 15.759 GPX
Chris Smith 16.099 GPX
Mark Glanville 16.186 GR
Kevin Cheung 17.178 GP Version R

Lee Hollyer 16.057 GPX
Rob Baldwin 16.162 GR
Nathan Placke 16.177 GPX
Mark Nash 16.186 GPX
Steve Hemming 16.267 GPX
Rob Upham 16.347 GPX
Tony Banton 16.532 GR
Darren Cross 16.612 GR
Richard Batty 16.661 GPX Facelift
Patt Torr 16.723 GP Version R
Dawn Woodward 16.742 GPX
Simon Khan 16.873 GPX
Micky Lamb 16.921 GPX

The crash!

This beautiful piece of work is how it looked intact.

He makes a mistake by keeping the power on too long and hard. The car slewed sideways tipping up on two wheels, smacking the barrier on the right then the otherside.

Thankfully the driver was unscathed. Shaken but unscathed.

Ironically named!

It took over an hour to clean up.

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