'Mini' FTO Rally, 25 April 2000

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This little rally (if you can call it that) was simply a curry and a couple of pints while I was staying in Leeds.

The car park... and the obligatory lineup shot :)

From left to right, Stuart Mutch, Dave Wilson, Dave Boyes, Jean-Marc, Chris GP, Fiona, Richard Batty and Donna. We were all pretty stuffed by this stage :)


(Above left and above right)
This is me wiring up the Racelogic VSAM into Richard's FTO. While it was raining. At night. With a can of beer for company.

Testing the effects of the VSAM


That's it really, short and sweet. Later in the week Richard Batty and I went to see Kevin & Perry at the local cinema and picked up a 14-piece Mega Bucket from KFC (yummy....!).

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