The Christmas Party 1 December 2001

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This would be my last FTO event. The day after the party, my FTO which I've had for three and a half years, was sold on.

This is a bunch of pictures from the party (in random order).

Andrea and partner

The best dressed female of the night

Get it on Noel!

Cheeky grin!


Dave and Julie


Mr While enjoying himself

Hokey Kokey

I think I just found my laundry ticket

It WAS this big, honest!

Martin & Julie

Last look

Martin & Lou

Lucky Aiden!

FTO Chick teaches Martin some moves

The best dancers........

Now that IS funny!

Looking tired Patt!

Rave boy

Stu & Dave

Stu and Donna


The Brennan's

The one and only ......

Did you piss in my pint?

No, but I did!!!

Finally, Martin While summed up my feelings perfectly... in his own words:

"One other thing.....there have been techy events, funny events, driving events BUT this one has gotta go down as a EMOTIONAL event. As stated in previous posts, this was Dave Wilson's last event with his FTO and boy did we (mainly chaps!) get emotional. Seeing DW sitting there, eyes welling up, hugging FTO buds and generally wrestling with the idea of non-FTO ownership (especially THAT car) was heart wrenching! As Joolz said to me as we smooched and I was slightly upset(!), "I never ever guessed that owning a car like the FTO would bring with it so many good friends".....well I cried!!! And I ain't ashamed to say it!"

To all the FTO people I know - thanks for making the actual ownership of the FTO only half of the story. I'll see you at other events in the future.

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