FTO Track Day, 31 March 2000
Cadwell Park

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Cadwell Park!

Some pictures from the day
Thanks to Chris Hayes and Martin While for their fantastic pictures! Also thanks to Dave Hughes and Richard Batty for the video footage

Martin While's FTO Two Silver's
Penis envy....? Although we had track time at Trax, this was the first dedicated track day we attended. Hosted by The Lancer Turbo Register we jumped in while they were at Cadwell Park thus getting the benefit of a full un-restricted day on the track, full marshalling and two paramedic units.
The usual lineup

More FTO's Black
Another Lineup

Seven FTO's attended carrying 11 people. Only myself and Steve Thomas would venture out onto the track, and I took 3 passengers; David Hughes, Richard Batty and Martin While. They seemed to enjoy themselves as I mixed it with countless EVO's and Imprezza's, giving most a good run for their money!!

In the paddock While parked in the paddock area, several people stopped to look at the FTO and the guy on the left of these shots is from Banzai magazine!
Waiting for the track
Up close

I'm sure the engine is around here somewhere.... Taking a breather
Nissan 300ZX

There were plenty of stunning Japanese cars there, here the FTO owners are taking a breather just before lunch.

Steve around the Hairpin Over The Mountain to Coppice
Dave around the hairpin
The two pictures above are taken at the Hairpin and the shot to the right shows Coppice corner.

This next sequence of photos is a spectator's eye view of the track as seen from The Mountain, Hall Bends and The Hairpin.

Over The Mountain < Over the top of The Mountain...
...past the crowd... > Past the crowd
Into Hall Bends < ...into Hall Bends...
...in the middle of Hall Bends... > middle of Hall Bends
Over the crest < ...over the crest on the way into the Hairpin
... accelerate away from Barn... > Along the straight
Past the start and finish line < ...along past the start & finish line.

Following a race prepped Delts
Following a stripped out, race prepared Lancia Delta

Braking into Park
In the braking area for Park after the long straing. Braking from around 105mph to 60mph.

Being chased
At lunchtime we went to a nearby town. The 10 mile drive was ace!

Hairpin action
The slowest part of the circuit, The Hairpin. Perhaps 20mph is possible round here and it is hard on the loud pedal.

Change of underwear time!!!
This is the middle of Hall Bends where I spun off. You can't really tell from this picture but the camber change is severe, resulting in the back end of the car going light. I dabbed the brakes and the back end stepped out and over corrected. These skid marks are the result :) However the car stopped on the grass and there was no damage.

Thanks to all who attended and for those who didn't, you missed a great day! Also thanks to the LTR for letting us tag along!

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