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In date order...

FTOOC Cumbria Rally 2006. Pictures only.

A flying lesson from Carlisle Airport. An in-depth writeup and some Google Earth placemarks!

Barcelona - a boys trip to this beautiful Spanish city was cold. But I still managed some snaps!

I've got round to adding the diving pictures from Thailand. Why didn't I do this sooner?!

The final round of the Bookatrack Caterham Graduates Racing Club was a Pembrey. See the Gallery at for the full 2005 season.

I've just come back from photographing the racing at Spa Francorchamps in Belgium and it inspired this page. Full photos on

UK Drifting and Trax 2005 - both on the same weekend at Silverstone

Whitehaven Maritime Festival 2005

Keswick, June 2005

Whitehaven harbour, June 2005

24 Hour 2CV race - In at the Deep End!

A visit to M-Sport, home of Ford's Global Rally activity!

My final batch of Thailand photos have arrived, check them out!

The 2004 Caterham Awards - you saw it here first

Ode to the Evo! Got round to posting pics of the best car I've owned

8-9 October 2004, Brands Hatch, Caterham Festival and last race in the Graduates calendar

17-18 September 2004, Silverstone, the penultimate Caterham Graduates race

27-28 August 2004, Rockingham, the Caterham Graduates race

13-15 August 2004, Knockhill. The Caterham Graduates double header

17 July 2004, BookaTrack track day at Croft. A friend and I hired a Caterham!

9-11 July 2004, Croix en Ternois. The Caterham Graduates double header

16 May 2004, Croft Circuit! Garry Kennedy's race

March to April 2004, 25 Days in Paradise

10 January 2004, AutoSport Show, Birmingham

21 December 2003 - Cumbrian Mini-Meet

7 September 2003 - Trax2003! Split into 3 sections...

27 July 2003 - JAE 2003 pics!

26 July 2003 - I hired a Caterham Superlight with a friend and went to Anglesey!

16 July 2003 - a visit to Lindisfarne

14-15 June 2003 - Whitehaven Maritime Festival 3

1 June 2003 - Trackstar track day at Croft!

May 2003, MLR mini-meet at Keswick

April 2003, A quick photo shoot at Haig Pit

March-April 2003, a lucky chance to go to Cuba for a holiday

7 December 2002, the FTOOC Christmas bash!

26 October 2002, Scottish Rolling Road Day

5 October 2002, Croft Trackday! First time I used slicks! Now includes video

29 September 2002, British Superbike Final! Nowt to do with EVO's really, but there you go.

28 September 2002, I had a caricature of my car commisioned.
Martin While, a personal friend, did this drawing for me and this is the work in progress. [2.4Mb animated GIF image]. Martin can do your car from a photograph, see his website here

8 September 2002, Trax2002 pics

25 & 25 August 2002, Cumbria FTOOC rally writeup & Pics

12 September 2002 The legacy lives on!
Sometimes late at night when the air cools and all is still you can still see the outline where Cem had the "Blowdog" sticker across the rear spoiler. Pretty spooky. I took 2 pics (it's clearer in the flesh), pic 1 here and pic 2 here

3 August 2002 Car pics from Steve & Cathy's wedding (slideshow)

15 July 2002 1st Lotus Training day

30 May 2002 The EVO in its natural habitat (hi-res pics)

17-18 May 2002 A visit to Matlock Bath - We had an FTOOC meeting near Derby (and no, that's not any of us chucking up!)

12 May 2002 A visit to Scotland! :-

21 April 2002 A visit to Penrith to meet an FTO buddy

20 April 2002 Some 'on the move' shots
I also shot a small video today, but while I work out how to decode the CODEC right-click and Save As here for a WMA sound file

17 April 2002 The day I picked the car up!
So I've had a couple of drives, it's just cmpletely mad. Totally fast. Very "brutal". Handling is fairly hard but I like it that way. It's on bleedin' rails! Petrol needle will be going down quickly over the next few days!

14 April 2002 The day I bought my car!
Been for a test drive, very impressed. A couple of things need sorted, brake dust is clinging to the wheels and won't let go, also it's experiencing fuel cut but I should be able to sort those easily. Drove like a dream, bags of torque, very responsive! It's with the dealer for a few days while they service it and sort out the bits that need doing. I'm going to be annoying people this week with my constant droning on! Thanks to Quentin, he came all the way from London with the car!

Click here for pictures of the car from [with permission]

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