A visit to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne
Photographs by Dave Wilson
14th 15th 16th July 2003

I decided to take a couple of days away simply to chill out and get away from it all for a while and so what better to stay at a friend's cottage on the island of Lindisfarne. You can count the number of car pics here on one hand but it is such a beautiful place. Understand that the island has been photographed to choking point already and there is nothing new here but this is the gallery of my stay.

IMG_1291 IMG_1293 IMG_1294 IMG_1296
IMG_1291.jpg IMG_1293.jpg IMG_1294.jpg IMG_1296.jpg
IMG_1298 IMG_1299 IMG_1300 IMG_1305
IMG_1298.jpg IMG_1299.jpg IMG_1300.jpg IMG_1305.jpg
IMG_1306 IMG_1308 IMG_1310 IMG_1313
IMG_1306.jpg IMG_1308.jpg IMG_1310.jpg IMG_1313.jpg
IMG_1314 IMG_1315 IMG_1316 IMG_1317
IMG_1314.jpg IMG_1315.jpg IMG_1316.jpg IMG_1317.jpg
IMG_1320 IMG_1321 IMG_1322 IMG_1323
IMG_1320.jpg IMG_1321.jpg IMG_1322.jpg IMG_1323.jpg
IMG_1325 IMG_1326 IMG_1327 IMG_1328
IMG_1325.jpg IMG_1326.jpg IMG_1327.jpg IMG_1328.jpg
IMG_1329 IMG_1330 IMG_1332 IMG_1333
IMG_1329.jpg IMG_1330.jpg IMG_1332.jpg IMG_1333.jpg
IMG_1334 IMG_1335 IMG_1336 IMG_1337
IMG_1334.jpg IMG_1335.jpg IMG_1336.jpg IMG_1337.jpg
IMG_1338 IMG_1339 IMG_1340 IMG_1341
IMG_1338.jpg IMG_1339.jpg IMG_1340.jpg IMG_1341.jpg
IMG_1342 IMG_1343 IMG_1344 IMG_1345
IMG_1342.jpg IMG_1343.jpg IMG_1344.jpg IMG_1345.jpg
IMG_1346 IMG_1347 IMG_1348 IMG_1350
IMG_1346.jpg IMG_1347.jpg IMG_1348.jpg IMG_1350.jpg
IMG_1351 IMG_1352 IMG_1353 IMG_1354
IMG_1351.jpg IMG_1352.jpg IMG_1353.jpg IMG_1354.jpg
IMG_1355 IMG_1356 IMG_1357 IMG_1359
IMG_1355.jpg IMG_1356.jpg IMG_1357.jpg IMG_1359.jpg
IMG_1360 IMG_1361 IMG_1362 IMG_1363
IMG_1360.jpg IMG_1361.jpg IMG_1362.jpg IMG_1363.jpg
IMG_1364 IMG_1365 IMG_1366 IMG_1367
IMG_1364.jpg IMG_1365.jpg IMG_1366.jpg IMG_1367.jpg
IMG_1368 IMG_1369 IMG_1370 IMG_1371
IMG_1368.jpg IMG_1369.jpg IMG_1370.jpg IMG_1371.jpg
IMG_1375 IMG_1376 IMG_1377 IMG_1378
IMG_1375.jpg IMG_1376.jpg IMG_1377.jpg IMG_1378.jpg
IMG_1379 IMG_1380 IMG_1381 IMG_1382
IMG_1379.jpg IMG_1380.jpg IMG_1381.jpg IMG_1382.jpg
IMG_1383 IMG_1384 IMG_1385 IMG_1386
IMG_1383.jpg IMG_1384.jpg IMG_1385.jpg IMG_1386.jpg
IMG_1387 IMG_1388 IMG_1390 IMG_1391
IMG_1387.jpg IMG_1388.jpg IMG_1390.jpg IMG_1391.jpg
IMG_1392 IMG_1393 IMG_1395 IMG_1396
IMG_1392.jpg IMG_1393.jpg IMG_1395.jpg IMG_1396.jpg
IMG_1398 IMG_1399 IMG_1401 IMG_1402
IMG_1398.jpg IMG_1399.jpg IMG_1401.jpg IMG_1402.jpg
IMG_1403 IMG_1406 IMG_1407 IMG_1408
IMG_1403.jpg IMG_1406.jpg IMG_1407.jpg IMG_1408.jpg
IMG_1409 IMG_1410 IMG_1412 IMG_1413
IMG_1409.jpg IMG_1410.jpg IMG_1412.jpg IMG_1413.jpg
IMG_1415 IMG_1416 IMG_1417 IMG_1418
IMG_1415.jpg IMG_1416.jpg IMG_1417.jpg IMG_1418.jpg
IMG_1419 IMG_1420 IMG_1421 IMG_1422
IMG_1419.jpg IMG_1420.jpg IMG_1421.jpg IMG_1422.jpg
IMG_1423 IMG_1424 IMG_1425 IMG_1426
IMG_1423.jpg IMG_1424.jpg IMG_1425.jpg IMG_1426.jpg
IMG_1427 IMG_1428 IMG_1429 IMG_1430
IMG_1427.jpg IMG_1428.jpg IMG_1429.jpg IMG_1430.jpg
IMG_1431 IMG_1432 IMG_1434 IMG_1435
IMG_1431.jpg IMG_1432.jpg IMG_1434.jpg IMG_1435.jpg
IMG_1437 IMG_1438 IMG_1439 IMG_1444
IMG_1437.jpg IMG_1438.jpg IMG_1439.jpg IMG_1444.jpg