MLR Mini-meet, Keswick, 11 May 2003
Dave Wilson

A mini-meet arranged on the MLR, Scoobynet and FTO Boards went
ahead with a good turn-out, nice weather and some fantastic driving roads!

Spoiler of the day to the police who pulled the white EVO IV for his
plate (though I was told he was after me orginally!).

Thanks to all who came along! See you next time!

107-0768_IMG 107-0769_IMG 107-0770_IMG 107-0771_IMG
107-0768_IMG.jpg 107-0769_IMG.jpg 107-0770_IMG.jpg 107-0771_IMG.jpg
107-0772_IMG 107-0773_IMG 107-0774_IMG 107-0775_IMG
107-0772_IMG.jpg 107-0773_IMG.jpg 107-0774_IMG.jpg 107-0775_IMG.jpg
107-0776_IMG 107-0777_IMG 107-0778_IMG 107-0779_IMG
107-0776_IMG.jpg 107-0777_IMG.jpg 107-0778_IMG.jpg 107-0779_IMG.jpg
107-0780_IMG 107-0781_IMG 107-0782_IMG 107-0783_IMG
107-0780_IMG.jpg 107-0781_IMG.jpg 107-0782_IMG.jpg 107-0783_IMG.jpg
107-0784_IMG 107-0785_IMG 107-0786_IMG 107-0788_IMG
107-0784_IMG.jpg 107-0785_IMG.jpg 107-0786_IMG.jpg 107-0788_IMG.jpg
107-0789_IMG 107-0790_IMG 107-0791_IMG 107-0792_IMG
107-0789_IMG.jpg 107-0790_IMG.jpg 107-0791_IMG.jpg 107-0792_IMG.jpg
107-0793_IMG 107-0794_IMG 107-0795_IMG 107-0796_IMG
107-0793_IMG.jpg 107-0794_IMG.jpg 107-0795_IMG.jpg 107-0796_IMG.jpg
107-0798_IMG 107-0799_IMG 107-0800_IMG 108-0801_IMG
107-0798_IMG.jpg 107-0799_IMG.jpg 107-0800_IMG.jpg 108-0801_IMG.jpg
108-0802_IMG 108-0803_IMG 108-0804_IMG 108-0805_IMG
108-0802_IMG.jpg 108-0803_IMG.jpg 108-0804_IMG.jpg 108-0805_IMG.jpg
108-0807_IMG 108-0808_IMG how-much-fuel!  
108-0807_IMG.jpg 108-0808_IMG.jpg how-much-fuel!.jpg