1st Lotus Training Day
Dave Wilson
15 July 2002


The 1st Lotus training day was hosted at North Weald, near London. The FTO Owners Club had booked the whole week and I was on the first course on Monday with 3 FTO's.

It was a long trek for me (6 petrol station visits and £150 on fuel) but worth it. The instructor certianly helped me in car control tecniques and even had me left-foot-braking in order to balance the car through a corner - this is harder than it looks! Once you've got used to the subtelty it is then a question of going against your instincts and using your head to control the car.

We had blazing hot sunshine which although suited us, we found it a little hard on the cars - brakes and engines getting very hot. I had Ferodo pads in the EVO which performed faultlessly.

Here are some pics from the day kindly given to me by Martin While - please visit his website. There will be a video of this event but I need to find time to edit it. Please check back in a month or so!

1_motorway_mirror1 1_motorway_overtake 1_motorway_spoiler 1_motorway_with_fto
1_motorway_mirror1.jpg 1_motorway_overtake.jpg 1_motorway_spoiler.jpg 1_motorway_with_fto.jpg
1_the_south 2_front_lineup1 2_front_lineup2 2_rear_lineup
1_the_south.jpg 2_front_lineup1.jpg 2_front_lineup2.jpg 2_rear_lineup.jpg
3_kevin 3_ready_for_takeoff 3_ready_to_go 4_on_the_airfield1
3_kevin.jpg 3_ready_for_takeoff.jpg 3_ready_to_go.jpg 4_on_the_airfield1.jpg
4_on_the_airfield2 4_on_the_track1 4_on_the_track2 5_4_wheel_drift
4_on_the_airfield2.jpg 4_on_the_track1.jpg 4_on_the_track2.jpg 5_4_wheel_drift.jpg
5_corner_cone1 5_corner_cone2 5_corner_cone3 5_martin_on_the_limit
5_corner_cone1.jpg 5_corner_cone2.jpg 5_corner_cone3.jpg 5_martin_on_the_limit.jpg
5_stu_on_the_limit 6_owners1 6_owners2 7_optimax_queue
5_stu_on_the_limit.jpg 6_owners1.jpg 6_owners2.jpg 7_optimax_queue.jpg