Croft Trackday
5 October 2002
Pics by Dave Wilson & Steve Sherwen

This was a day we were looking forward to for a while. Hosted by Stan Palmer Subaru I'd arranged something special with Lee Caller [website] who I owe a HUGE thankyou. The pictures on this page wouldn't be possible without this camera equipment, look out for some video from the day which will be posted here shortly.

Oh. And before you ask, the tape across my bonnet was to secure the bullet cam - wait till you see the video from there!!!

FTO vs EVO (26Mb WMV). I thought it would be a good idea to directly compare the FTO & EVO on the same track with the same driver. I just happened to have tape of exactly this!
Full Lap (22Mb WMV). My fastest lap in the EVO, 1:38.5. Sorry about the condensation on the lens. Set to ZZTop's "Hey Mr. Millonaire"


1 Pit Garage a 1 Pit Garage c 1 Pit Garage d 1 Pit Garage e 1 Pit Garage f
1 Pit Garage a.jpg 1 Pit Garage c.jpg 1 Pit Garage d.jpg 1 Pit Garage e.jpg 1 Pit Garage f.jpg
1 Pit Garage g 1 Pit Garage gg 1 Pit Garage h 1 Pit Garage i 1 Pit Garage j
1 Pit Garage g.jpg 1 Pit Garage gg.jpg 1 Pit Garage h.jpg 1 Pit Garage i.jpg 1 Pit Garage j.jpg
1 Pit Garage k 1 Pit Garage l 1 Pit Garage m 1 Pit Garage n 1 Pit Garage o
1 Pit Garage k.jpg 1 Pit Garage l.jpg 1 Pit Garage m.jpg 1 Pit Garage n.jpg 1 Pit Garage o.jpg
1 Pit Garage p 1 Pit Garage q 1 Pit Garage v 1 Pit Garage w 1 Pit Garage x
1 Pit Garage p.jpg 1 Pit Garage q.jpg 1 Pit Garage v.jpg 1 Pit Garage w.jpg 1 Pit Garage x.jpg
1 Pit Garage y 1 Pit Garage z 1 Pit Garage z1 Bike wasnt on track Briefing room
1 Pit Garage y.jpg 1 Pit Garage z.jpg 1 Pit Garage z1.jpg Bike wasnt on track.jpg Briefing room.jpg
Come prepared Croft Croft 1 Croft 2 EVO
Come prepared.jpg Croft.jpg Croft 1.jpg Croft 2.jpg EVO.jpg
FTO Fatality no 1 Fatality no 2 Ferrari 1 Ferrari 2
FTO.jpg Fatality no 1.jpg Fatality no 2.jpg Ferrari 1.jpg Ferrari 2.jpg
Going out Helmets Hyabusa 1 Hyabusa 2 Lightweight - 1
Going out.jpg Helmets.jpg Hyabusa 1.jpg Hyabusa 2.jpg Lightweight - 1.jpg
Lightweight - 2 Lightweight - nice curves Lightweight Fast Lineup Mechanics 1
Lightweight - 2.jpg Lightweight - nice curves.jpg Lightweight Fast.jpg Lineup.jpg Mechanics 1.jpg
Mechanics 2 Mechanics 3 Mechanics 4 Mechanics 5 Mechanics 6
Mechanics 2.jpg Mechanics 3.jpg Mechanics 4.jpg Mechanics 5.jpg Mechanics 6.jpg
Mellow going out On Track On Track Mellow On Track Mini On Track Porsche
Mellow going out.jpg On Track.jpg On Track Mellow.jpg On Track Mini.jpg On Track Porsche.jpg
On Track Scoob On Track a On Track aik On Track b On Track c
On Track Scoob.jpg On Track a.jpg On Track aik.jpg On Track b.jpg On Track c.jpg
On Track d On Track e On Track f On Track g On Track h
On Track d.jpg On Track e.jpg On Track f.jpg On Track g.jpg On Track h.jpg
On Track i On Track j On Track k On Track kk On Track l
On Track i.jpg On Track j.jpg On Track k.jpg On Track kk.jpg On Track l.jpg
On Track m On Track n On Track o On track 555 On track Ferrari
On Track m.jpg On Track n.jpg On Track o.jpg On track 555.jpg On track Ferrari.jpg
On track Smokin On track aa On track ab On track ac On track ad
On track Smokin.jpg On track aa.jpg On track ab.jpg On track ac.jpg On track ad.jpg
On track ae On track af On track ag On track ah On track ai
On track ae.jpg On track af.jpg On track ag.jpg On track ah.jpg On track ai.jpg
On track aj On track ak On track al On track am On track an
On track aj.jpg On track ak.jpg On track al.jpg On track am.jpg On track an.jpg
On track ao On track ap On track aq On track ar On track as
On track ao.jpg On track ap.jpg On track aq.jpg On track ar.jpg On track as.jpg
On track at On track ef On track kj On track kl Paddock
On track at.jpg On track ef.jpg On track kj.jpg On track kl.jpg Paddock.jpg
Ready for track a Ready for track b Ready for track c Ready for track d Ready for track e
Ready for track a.jpg Ready for track b.jpg Ready for track c.jpg Ready for track d.jpg Ready for track e.jpg
Ready for track f Ready for track g Ready for track h Ready for track i Ready for track j
Ready for track f.jpg Ready for track g.jpg Ready for track h.jpg Ready for track i.jpg Ready for track j.jpg
Ready for track k Ready to go 1 Ready to go 2 Ready-for-Croft Slick 1
Ready for track k.jpg Ready to go 1.jpg Ready to go 2.jpg Ready-for-Croft.jpg Slick 1.jpg
Slick 2 Slick 3 Slick 4 Subaru 555 Suspension 1
Slick 2.jpg Slick 3.jpg Slick 4.jpg Subaru 555.jpg Suspension 1.jpg
Suspension 2 TVR 1 TVR 2 TVR 3 TVR 4
Suspension 2.jpg TVR 1.jpg TVR 2.jpg TVR 3.jpg TVR 4.jpg
TVR 5 TVR 6 TVR on track 1 TVR on track 2 Teri
TVR 5.jpg TVR 6.jpg TVR on track 1.jpg TVR on track 2.jpg Teri.jpg
The track Track Elise Track fun Under bonnet Under bonnet 1
The track.jpg Track Elise.jpg Track fun.jpg Under bonnet.jpg Under bonnet 1.jpg