Scottish Rolling Road Day
26 October 2002

Thanks to Mark Emery for arranging this day, hosted by AVA near Glasgow airport they had their busiest club day of the year with a total of 27 dyno runs including FTO's, Scoobies, a BMW, a Nova, a Pulsar, an MX5, an EVO and a Motorbike. Thanks to Stuart McGrath who arranged to meet me at the Erskine bridge as I didn't have a clue where I was going!

Some pictures from the day:

!Saturday am 1 !Saturday am 2 !night drive 1 DSCF1041
!Saturday am 1.jpg !Saturday am 2.jpg !night drive 1.jpg DSCF1041.jpg
DSCF1053 DSCF1054 DSCF1058 DSCF1059
DSCF1053.jpg DSCF1054.jpg DSCF1058.jpg DSCF1059.jpg
DSCF1060 DSCF1061 DSCF1062 DSCF1063
DSCF1060.jpg DSCF1061.jpg DSCF1062.jpg DSCF1063.jpg
DSCF1064 ava car park bike - daz looking on bike - on rollers 1
DSCF1064.jpg ava car park.jpg bike - daz looking on.jpg bike - on rollers 1.jpg
bike - on rollers 2 bike - on rollers 3 cooling fan erskine bridge looking east
bike - on rollers 2.jpg bike - on rollers 3.jpg cooling fan.jpg erskine bridge looking east.jpg
erskine bridge looking west evo checking tems evo going on evo too big
erskine bridge looking west.jpg evo checking tems.jpg evo going on.jpg evo too big.jpg
following daz fto on rollers 1 fto on rollers 2 funky engine bay
following daz.jpg fto on rollers 1.jpg fto on rollers 2.jpg funky engine bay.jpg
meeting place nova on rollers peugot engine bay road
meeting place.jpg nova on rollers.jpg peugot engine bay.jpg road.jpg
stuart at roundabout tidy pulsar tidy pulsar - thats what I call forced induction tidy pulsar 258bhp
stuart at roundabout.jpg tidy pulsar.jpg tidy pulsar - thats what I call forced induction.jpg tidy pulsar 258bhp.jpg
watching z empty motorway 1 z empty motorway 2 z empty motorway 3
watching.jpg z empty motorway 1.jpg z empty motorway 2.jpg z empty motorway 3.jpg
z empty motorway 4      
z empty motorway 4.jpg