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4 May 2002 - Boost guage & Oil Temperature guage

After being sent the wrong bracket by DashMount I managed to finally fit the hands free kit. It's nice and neat, and apart from the handset holder is very discreet with no wires showing. Here's some pics;

The microphone I stuck to the plastic cover for where the drivers' grab handle would be. The wires are routed down the pilar and behind the dash. You can't see any wires at all!
The speaker I mounted discreetly under the drinks tray in that little cubby hole that's no use for anything! The drinks tray can still open and hold drinks without the speaker getting in the way.

The bracket from DashMount slots between the air-con control panel surround and the bottom of the vents. It screws into a horizontal plastic bar below these vents using 2x self taping screws.

The finished article. Within easy reach and not too far away to take your eyes away from the road for too long, and not too close to be distracting.

4 May 2002 - Boost guage & Oil Temperature guage

The first thing I wanted to do was fit a boost guage. I also fancied an oil temperature guage too so I decided to go with the double A-pillar mounted pod from TorqueIC. When got all the bits (minus the sump-plug mount, but that can be fitted later) I decided to have a go at fitting them.

Removing the panel under the steering wheel was straightforward - 4 screws and it popped off allowing me access to the bulkhead. After taking 30 minutes with my head stuck under the bonnet trying to find somwhere to push the cables through, I mulled on the idea of attacking it with a drill for a while but eventually decided to push through the grommet between the A pillar and the door (where the wiring for the front drivers' door goes into the car) and route it up past the bonnet hinge.

The cables route up where the wing mounts to the car, past the bonnet hinge and into the engine bay.

I had to be careful not to trap the pressure hose when the bonnet was shut, but other than that it was very straightforward.


I wound a plastic cable wrap around them to keep the cables together. This also offered some protection for the cables as they passed through the bodywork.

Getting at this large grommet was easy due to its' size. A lot more cabling could be passed through here!


This shows the grommet removed with the cables passing through - I wrapped the whole lot in insulating tape just to be sure.


Inside the car I had to peel back the sound deadening material slightly to allow the cables to pass through. It's a little tight under there so I tried to keep it as neat as possible, taping together all the wires I could.


Once the cables were routed through the grommet and into the car they had to be pushed up between the dash and the A-pillar. This was an easy job as there's loads of room down there.

I tied the new cables to the factory fitted plastic mounting brackets so they wouldn't move around.


Showing the wires as they go into the pod. It pays to be neat here as you don't want stray wires hampering the pod when it's fitted to the A-pillar later on.

I made up a kind of wiring loom before hand so that the guages had common earth's and illumination wires and everything was ready to plug in.

This was the most awkward part I think, as it was difficult to get the guages in the right position within the pods and then tighten the mounting nuts due to the lack of space.


I wasn't looking forward to securing the pod trim as TorqueIC supplied some self adhesive velcro strips which I didn't think would hold from other people's comments. However the velcro did the trick - although a really hot day will show the real sticking power!

The fibreglass is pretty tough and it took a little care to get the screw through it holding the ultrasonic transducer mount.


The finished article.

Smart as a carrot.

As I said above I've been unable to get the oil temperature guage to work yet as the sump-plug mounting is on its' way from TorqueIC. However at least I know what boost the car is running which is what I needed.

The whole job took around 6 hours (!) with a skinned knuckle here and there but it's been well worth it - the A-pillar mount is much better than having a pod or two sitting on top of the dash.

A huge thank you to Justin at TorqueIC, a very helpful and knowledgeable chap who got the parts to me very quickly indeed! I'd wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone.